SLICKED STYLEZ For my final major project I am going to design an app, and animate it on After Affects. The app that I have decided to create is for males that often go the barbers. This app is designed to target barber clients, and barbers themselves. This app is designed to help clients choose […]


  CEL ANIMATION Cel Animation was one of the older forms, it is made up from hand drawings called frames, and each frame is drawn by hand. In the past drawings of the sequence, they were drawn of a light table. The light allowed the animator to see the previous pose drawings through the paper […]


A mobile app is computer programme that is designed to run on smart phones, tablets, games, and other devices. In our day in age, every smartphone is now runs with different apps and is used majorly by apps. 1973 IBM SIMON The history of app development goes back around the 1990’s, when devices were introducing […]