For my FMP I decided to create an app design, and also make it interactive through showcasing it in After Affects. The theme of my Final major Project was a styling app for men who often go to the barbers. This app is aimed to help men choose a hairstyle which perhaps they have never tried out and prefer to preview it on the app, rather than take a risk of going to the barbers, and getting a haircut and regretting it.

My ideas began to give birth when i put pencil to paper, and started of sketching rough ideas of how my app will look like, I produced many sketches on vairous A3 pages, the steches were done on mini iPhone templates to give me a rough vision of how the layouts would be produced. Throughout this process, my work began to change, my sketches began to come together and start giving me a real vision of how I wanted to digitize my work down the line.

In addition to the sketches, I produced a drawn storyboard, at this point the storyboard really helped me have a clear view of how i wanted my project animated on After affects, the storyboard helped me to validate whether the concept is working or not, and determine the direction the animation is going to take. Furthermore within my storyboards I have placed notes to remind me of my ideas like what media to be used, what elements get synched with which part, which elements would be clickable, and the resultant reaction. This gives a comprehensive idea of how the course would flow in its entirety. So, the storyboard serves as the blueprint for the module and guides me.

Furthermore, I used Adobe Photoshop software in order to digitise my work, I believe this software allowed me to be successful for my final my major project because It allowed me to be flexible with shapes, lines and colours.


  • How have you developed your ideas? How did your work change through the project?
  • How much reference material did you find? Do you think you should have done more or less?
  • What artists, art movements or cultures have you looked at to help and inspire you?
  • What materials, tools and techniques did these artists use?
  • How have your skills developed during the project?
  • Are there any aspects of your studies that you wish you had explored further?

Evaluating your final piece

You also need to evaluate your final piece. You should reference relevant work from your preparatory studies.

  • How have you used formal elements such as line, tone, colour and shape?
  • What materials did you use, and why? Did they work successfully?
  • What meaning and messages did you want to convey and were you successful?
  • Are you happy with your final piece? Are there any elements you like in particular?
  • Is there anything you would change? Why?
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