For my FMP I decided to create an app design, and also make it interactive through showcasing it in After Affects. The theme of my Final major Project was a styling app for men who often go to the barbers. This app is aimed to help men choose a hairstyle which perhaps they have […]


  This was a quick test, and an opportunity for my peers to review the video: Review: Pros: Smooth Transactions Simple Colours, not to over complicated Good happy positive song choice Cons: No introductions Logo was not seen in video No ending do video Could fade in the music Add some text


Here below is all of my process on Photoshop of digitising my app design. Here below you can see that I started of with an iPhone 6 Template to give me a good starting point of how big the screen will be for each page, so once I have designed them it will be easier […]


Here below you can see my quick sketch of my storyboard for my animation that will be produced on After Affects. I believe story boarding is important because it reveals whether a concept will work or not. A concept is typically verbalized in a couple of paragraphs. A storyboard helps the client or the course […]


Here Below you can see my initial sketches of my app, all the way to the coloured sketched out versions of my app. These sketches have definitely helped me develop my ideas, and expand my creativity beyond my imagination, the advantage of sketches is that they can be done in a few seconds or minutes, […]